SHOWS at 651 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA

Regular shows start the Second and Fourth Thu -Sun of each month.  Additional shows to be scheduled around seasonal events and opportunities.

  1. Soup's On!
    Come in for a warm cup of soup and heartwarming home decor! Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: TBD
    January 24-27
  1. Odd Month!
    February is an odd month so we are having an extra show! Come in for some odd finds!!! Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: Everything odd 15% off!
    February 7-10
  1. Valentine Dash!
    Stop by and pick up a gift for your honey! Gift certificates are available. Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: TBD
    February 14-17
  1. Think Green!
    Green is for spring and the Irish! Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: All things green 15% off!
    February 28-March 3
  1. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday to me and my friend Henry! Regular Hours: 10a to 5p Sale: TBD
    March 14-17
  1. Love People, Love the Earth
    Love life, people, and mother earth. Project Promoted: Hearts, hearts, hearts! Sale: Red (the color of love), romantic table settings, and heart-shaped items 20% off.
    February 8-11